About us

About Helixx BPO

Helixx BPO emerges from a visionary concept of its associates in partnership with the already established Intelisourcing de Mexico. Its main goal is to evolve the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for its clients, especially in such areas as spend management and market knowledge.

Our Vision

Be the leading provider for business process outsourcing services, operating with flexibility, diversity and openness, and consistently overcoming our clients’ needs and evolving their businesses.

Our Mission

Service our clients; persons and companies of any size or industry, in an exhaustive manner in order to satisfy their operational, functional and integration needs through the employment of innovative methods, strategies and technologies that are readily available to our team of highly-qualified professionals, which display integrity, responsibility and complete focus in the absolute client satisfaction.

Our Objectives

Accounting over 20 years of experience in the field, Helixx BPO strives to be consolidated as a leading provider in Latin-America to satisfy its clients’ needs to recognize and respond to new business opportunities, drive for better and more efficient processes, improve service levels and optimize the spend. All this through the premise to offer an accessible option, while operating with the utmost professionalism and entirely focused on its client’s requirements.

From its headquarters located in Monterrey, Mexico, Helixx BPO is able to service both local and international clients, executing its services in several continents. Helixx BPO operates with a remarkable bearing in the North American market, a strong presence in Latin-America and Europe, and large aperture to other regions.

Our team is built up by capable and experienced professionals, well-prepared to overcome the challenges imposed by a constantly transforming world. These individuals are ready to face the changes that are day after day more common in the industries serviced, being adept to service and represent our clients in any regional or international market, thanks to the proficiency in several languages, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

Some of the immediate Benefits achieved through Helixx BPO:

    Cultural knowledge of local, regional and global markets

    World-class services at very competitive costs

    Process improvements

    Bigger and better operational visibility

    Local and international supplier development

    Turn-key solutions

    Synergy, instruction and implementation of best practices