Our experience

Customarily, the focus in the core business and the drive to reduce costs were the main arguments used by companies to bet in the internationalization. Nowadays these causes are bundled together with others such as an increase in technological complexity, improvement through global efficiency, geographic distribution of team members and stakeholders, among others. In Helixx BPO we respond to all these realities through our multiple solutions applied to a broad variety of industries, caring about the critical processes via innovation, creativity and knowledge.

We reckon on a vast experience in the management of direct and indirect requirements for various industries, highlighting:

• Food and Beverages
• Automotive
• Construction
• Electronic
• Logistics
• Metals
• Plastics
• Chemicals
• Services
• Information Technologies

Our competitive advantages

Helixx BPO has undergone a steady growth fostered by the strengthening of our strategic relations and the increase in demand and diversity of the service we offer to our clients. By continuously overcoming the challenges imposed by such growth we are able to rapidly and efficiently adapt to new scenarios.

Due to this and many other attributes our main strength are the enduring and effective partnerships with our clients. Such relationships demand to be informed and exposed to different processes, platforms, technologies, market information and knowledge, best practices, and business and service models, all of which have been positively adopted and updated by our company.

As a result of our operational model, the competitive advantages that rank Helixx BPO above its competitors are:

• Experience in the main enterprise resource planning systems, sourcing platforms and supplier enablement.
• Thorough support in all phases of the supply chain.
• Excellence in data analysis, consolidation and classification.
• Increase the return of investment (ROI) to our clients.
• Multi-linguistic team, highlighting the support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.
• Experience in monitoring and managing supplier performance.

Operational model

Through the utilization of appropriate tools and methods that provide a clear visibility during any stage of the service, Helixx BPO’s operational model guarantees to our clients the control and trust in the entire process, devoting to their complete satisfaction.

Our model is integrated across all levels, what secures a tight bond and a proactive and close relationship with our clients that is flexible to their demands. The model is nimble and effective, allowing for a light cost structure. It is designed so it is possible for our team to have a rapid response time without the need to sacrifice results. Given the skills and attributes of our individuals together with their location and availability we can support several countries. Moreover, the use of information technologies and electronic platforms are key to our model in order to be able to smoothly bind with our clients, optimize resources and attain results.

The flexibility present in our model, makes it suitable to adjust to the processes, tools and strategies of our clients, or to support them based on our knowledge and expertise. In addition, and at our client’s discretion, we are able to manage several incentive and compensation programs directed to the staff, promoting quality, productivity and stability, expediting the accomplishment of targets.