The world-class solutions we offer can be classified within the framework of near shore concept and can be divided as follows:


We have structured a services portfolio that enables us to support the entire sourcing process, regardless if strategic or operational in nature. Some of the key tasks performed by our team are:

◦ Data gathering and identification of needs
◦ Strategic management in supplier research, sourcing processes and negotiations
◦ Operational management in procurement, purchasing, planning, etc.
◦ Tracing and follow-up for the whole purchasing process
◦ Supply chain management

Supplier research

Projecting our experience, mainly in markets that belong to the American continent, we have performed an immense amount of supplier research activities, investigations and analysis of local, regional and global suppliers.

Customer care services

◦ We perform according to the highest levels of customer satisfaction through a virtual service center that processes all interactions between our clients and their stakeholders.
◦ We operate multiple information management systems in a flexible manner, combining the necessary resources and abilities to successfully adapt to any platform used by our clients.
◦ We identify the best opportunities for our clients to maximize savings
All this is achieved with best practices, process optimization, and the usage of advanced negotiation and control tools.

Training, education and coaching

Our expertise empowers us to share the knowledge in diverse fields, allowing to permeate the usage of best practices and a world-class process optimization.

Through our strategically placed global connections, we are able to achieve the optimal execution of our services in any part of the world, with immediate access and deep knowledge of localized markets.

You can also visualize our services this way: